MWC fourth day was held at Lyampiada in Bolshelug

On March 17 in Kortkerossky area passed competition “Lyampiada” in the Komi national sport – ski race on hunting skis and Lampe. Some participants of Masters World Cup of x-ski racing took an active part as a fans in this fascinating sports festival.


The guests were greeted by local Bolshelug citizens in Komi language with all the traditions of the Komi people: with fir twigs, wishing health and strength. Also, they were giving a try of Komi “chewing gum” – dried carrot. German and US athletes where particularly pleased with it.



At the grand opening of the competition with the welcoming speeches organizers and came from the capital of Syktyvkar, Komi Mayor Ivan Pozdeev and Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic Tamara Nikolaeva: “Lyampiada” – is not only a sport but also a tribute to customs. I am very glad that I’m here today, along with the youngest fans of cross-country skiing, which honor the traditions of the Komi people. This is a competition, which annually brings together hundreds of ski enthusiasts” – said T.Nikolaeva.

Ivan Pozdeev and Stepan Churakov

Ivan Pozdeev and Stepan Churakov

About 200 MWC participants took part in “Lampiada”. A concert program with performances by local bands have been prepared for visitors. Anyone could visit herders tent and enjoy a venison broth, as well as freshly brewed fish soup on the hunting trail.

After the start of young skiers, all Lyampiada participants have taken start on the Lampe. Along the trails were foreign fans who cheered passing by participants.

Sale of souvenirs and handmade products was organized on the competitions, especially for foreign visitors.